Artificial Intelligence

Since the early 1990's, the Cornell CS department has developed one of the leading AI groups in the world, as can be seen by our record of awards, press mentions, and other recognition. Yet, our relatively small size makes for a collaborative and cooperative environment within which a broad set of research groups flourish.

Some research groups

Terminology notes: a "CS field member" is a Cornell faculty member who can serve as the official PhD advisor (in Cornell lingo, "Special Committee chair") of Cornell CS PhD students.

Combinatorial search, connections to operations research and statistical physics

CS field members: Carla Gomes, Bart Selman, David Shmoys

Computational sustainability

Group page: Institute for Computational Sustainability (ICS)
CS field members: Carla Gomes, John Hopcroft, Bart Selman, David Shmoys
Affiliated faculty: (many across Cornell and other institutions --- see ICS homepage link above)

Game and decision theory, connections to economics

CS field members: Arpita Ghosh, Joe Halpern, Jon Kleinberg, Robert Kleinberg, Rafael Pass, Eva Tardos
Affiliated faculty: Larry Blume (economics), David Easley (economics)

Knowledge representation and reasoning

CS field members: Robert L. Constable, Joe Halpern, Bart Selman

Machine learning

Group page: Machine learning homepage
CS field members: Claire Cardie, Tanzeem Choudhury, Shimon Edelman, Carla Gomes, Dan Huttenlocher, Thorsten Joachims, Bobby Kleinberg, Lillian Lee, Ping Li, Hod Lipson, Ashutosh Saxena, Adam Siepel
Affiliated faculty: Florentina Bunea (stats), Morten Christiansen (psychology), Peter Frazier (ORIE), John Hale (linguistics), Giles Hooker (biological statistics and computational biology), David Mimno (information science, starting Fall 2013), Mats Rooth (linguistics), David Ruppert (ORIE), Paat Rusmevichientong (ORIE), Dawn Woodard (ORIE)

Natural language processing, computational linguistics and information retrieval

Group pages: NLP homepage
Computational linguistics lab
CS field members: Claire Cardie, Shimon Edelman, Thorsten Joachims, Lillian Lee
Affiliated faculty: Morten Christiansen (psychology), Paul Ginsparg (physics, information science), John Hale (linguistics), Sue Hertz (linguistics), David Mimno (information science, starting Fall 2013), Mats Rooth (linguistics)


Group pages: Robotics homepage
Personal Robotics Lab
CS field members: Tsuhan Chen, Dan Huttenlocher, Hadas Kress-Gazit, Hod Lipson, Ashutosh Saxena
Affiliated faculty: Mark Campbell (mechanical engineering), Ephrahim Garcia (mechanical engineering), Andy Ruina (mechanical engineering)


Group pages: Computer vision homepage
Cornell medical imaging group
CS field members: Tsuhan Chen, Shimon Edelman, Sheila Hemami, Dan Huttenlocher, Ashutosh Saxena, Noah Snavely, Ramin Zabih
Affiliated faculty: Anthony Reeves (ECE)

Selected highlights (2002-)

Best paper awards

2013 Best student paper award, SIGIR 2013
2013 Best student paper award, RSS (Robotics: Science and Systems)
2012 ECCV Koenderink Prize
2012 Ray Reiter prize, KR 2012
2012 ICCV Test of Time award
2010 Best paper, International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP)
2010 Best student paper, Constraint Programming (CP)
2010 Longuet-Higgins (10-year paper) prize, CVPR
2010 Best paper, International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA)
2010 Best paper, Electronic Commerce (EC)
2009 Best paper, ECML
2009 Dijsktra Prize
2009 Best 10-year paper award, ICML
2008 Best student paper, COLT
2007 Best student paper, ECML
2006 Best paper, Constraint Programming (CP)
2006 Best paper, KDD
2006 Best paper, KR
2006 Best paper, AAAI
2005 Best student paper, KDD
2005 Best paper, ICML
2005 Best student paper, ICML
(Cornell won 2 of 4)
2005 Citation, Technology Research News Top Picks
2004 Best paper, Constraint Programming
2004 Best paper, HLT-NAACL
2003 Best research paper, KDD
2002   Best paper, ECCV

Other awards

All Nine NSF CAREER / Young Investigator Awards
All Four AAAI Fellows
All Four Sloan Fellows
All Four ACM Fellows
All Two AAAS Fellows
All Two IEEE Fellows
All Three Microsoft Faculty Fellows
2013 SIGKDD Innovation Award
2011 Technology Review's TR35
2011 ACM SIGART Autonomous Agents Research Award
2010 White House Leading Practices Award
2009 ONR Young Investigator Award
2009 Fraunhofer-Bessel Research Award
2008 NSF Expeditions in Computing Award
2008 Allen Newell Award
2007   DARPA Urban Challenge Finalists

Press mentions

2013 CACM
2013 CBS
2013 NBC
2013 Time
2013 The Economist
2012 NYTimes
2012 NYTimes
2012 Nature News
2012 Huffington Post
2012 Slate
2012 CACM
2012 NBC's Today Show
2012 NPR's Alll Things Considered
2011 NYTimes
2011 FastCompany Co.Exist
2011 NPR
2011 CNet
2011 CACM
2011 Nature news
2011 New Scientist
2010 New Scientist
2010 NYTimes
2009 NYTimes
2009 NYTimes (front page)
2009 NYTimes
2009 BBC Today
2008 NYTimes
2007 Wired
2006 NYTimes
2005 ComputerWorld
2005 Fortune
2005 New Scientist
2004 Chicago Tribune
2003   NYTimes

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