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Principal Research Scientist

Alan Demers
Principal Research Scientist (Retired) ; Ph.D., Princeton Univ, 1975

Research Focus: Database systems, database replication, and algorithms

Research Associate

Weijia Song
Research Associate ; Ph.D., Peking University, 2014

Research Focus: Cloud Storage and file system, network and distributed system

Postdoctoral Associate/Fellow

Wei-Lun (Harry) Chao
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., University of Southern California, 2018

Research Focus: Machine learning and its applications to computer vision, autonomous driving, and natural language processing

Research Areas: Artificial Intelligence

Liron Cohen
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Tel Aviv University, 2016

Research Focus: Logic, set theory, type theory, and foundations of mathematics

Yue Duan
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., University of California, Riverside

Research Focus: Computer System Security, Mobile Security, Program Analysis, Deep Learning, Malware Detection

Research Areas: Security

Jaehyun Hwang
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Korea University, 2010

Research Focus: Cloud data center networking, TCP/MPTCP flow & congestion control, software-defined networking, multi-access edge computing, big data platforms

Amauri Holanda de Souza Júnior
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Federal University of Ceara, 2018

Research Focus: Teleinformatics Engineering

Shufeng Kong
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D. , University of Technology, Sydney, Australia
Elisavet Kozyri
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Cornell University, 2018

Research Focus: Information Flow Control

Research Areas: Programming Languages, Security

Kristina Sojakova
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University, 2016

Research Focus: Type theory, logic, category theory, and programming language

Research Areas: Programming Languages

Hardik Soni
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Université Côte d'Azur, 2017

Research Focus: Programmable Networks, network programming languages, Software-defined Networks

Research Areas: Programming Languages, Systems and Networking

Mu Zhang
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Syracuse, 2015

Research Focus: System Security, Program Analysis, Smartphone Security, Malware Analysis & Defense, Information Flow Tracking & Control

Research Areas: Security, Systems and Networking

Yuqian Zhang
Postdoctoral Associate ; Ph.D., Columbia University, 2018

Research Focus: Machine learning, computer vision, signal processing, and optimization

Research Areas: Database Systems, Programming Languages

Visiting Professor/Fellow/Scientist

Mark Bickford
Senior Researcher ; Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Wisconsin, 1983

Research Focus: Logic, recursion theory, and set theory

Research Areas: Theory of Computing

Klara Kedem
Adjunct Professor ; Ph.D., Tel-Aviv University, 1988

Research Focus: Historical document analysis, image processing, pattern matching

Christoph Kreitz
Adjunct Professor ; Ph.D., Univ of Hagen, 1984

Research Focus: Program synthesis, automated deduction, program verification, and formal logics

Stuart Staniford
Adjunct Professor ; Ph.D., University of California at Davis, 1993

Research Focus: Intrusion detection, internet-scale security issues, computer worms and botnets, societal vulnerability