Research Interests:

My research interests span computer vision, computer graphics, and human perception, including:
  • Recognition: material recognition, visual search and detection
  • Modeling: material and shape acquisition; fabric modeling; material representation and editing
  • Rendering: realistic, physically-based rendering; scalable rendering
  • Perception: translucency perception; material and lighting perception


  • PhD, EECS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • SM, EECS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • BTech, CS & Eng., Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay

Awards and Recognition

Recent Publications

Remote Sensing Vision-Language Foundation Models without Annotations via Ground Remote Alignment
ICLR '24
Change-Aware Sampling and Contrastive Learning for Satellite Images
CVPR '23
Change Event Dataset for Discovery from Spatio-temporal Remote Sensing Imagery
NeurIPS 22, Datasets and Benchmarks Track
Zero-shot Learning Using Multimodal Descriptions
CVPR L3D-IVU Workshop 22
Reconstructing Translucent Objects using Differentiable Rendering
Discovering Underground Maps from Fashion
WACV 2022
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Professional Activities