Applications for the Master of Engineering Program in Computer Science are accepted for both the fall and spring terms. All application materials must be received by:

  • October 1st ( for Spring admissions - January start )
  • February 1st ( for Fall admissions - August start )

*We do not process applications received after the above deadlines. If you have extenuating circumstances which prevent you from applying on time and would like to request approval for submitting your application late, please contact Our decision to approve or disapprove a late submission will depend on how far past the deadline you wish to submit your application, the reason for the late submission, and whether we have completed our application review.

Required Materials

All application material must be submitted through our online application system. No exceptions will be made.

Click HERE to establish an online application account for the CS MEng program at Cornell Ithaca.

The application requires:

  • Letters of Recommendation (two letters required.)
    • Recent graduates and current students should try to provide at least one recommendation from an instructor, professor or another academic contact.
    • Current Cornell Computer Science students need only one LOR.
    • It is also acceptable to provide LORs from intern/employment supervisors, team leads, and managers.
    • Letters should be submitted only through the online application system.
    • Please DO NOT check the "Letter will be mailed" box as this prevents the system from sending a request out to the reference 
    • Using Interfolio: Interfolio assigns a "custom document e-mail address" to each letter, which gets used IN PLACE OF the recommender's e-mail address on the ApplyWeb application. To find this custom document e-mail address, open your Interfolio account, click on the name of your letter/document, copy the email address, and paste that into your ApplyWeb application (in place of the recommender's personal e-mail address). More information can be found here:
  • Statement of Purpose.
    • ‚ÄčIdentify areas of computer science that are of particular interest and explain why.
    • Explain why you are interested in the CS MEng Program at Cornell University.
    • Review what makes you qualified for our program.
    • Discuss how the CS MEng program will help you meet your future goals.
  • Transcripts of all college-level work. Scan each transcript and upload it into the online application system or upload digital versions. It is very important that the transcript is legible and oriented correctly.
    • Some secure digital transcripts are not legible once uploaded.  Please make sure your transcripts are able to be shared as an upload prior to submitting your application.
    • Upload transcripts after grades from your most recent completed semester/term are posted. You will want the admissions committee to see your most recent grades.
    • Prior to matriculation, you will be asked to have an official electronic version of each transcript sent to the Graduate School records office. Additional information is available here:
    • International students, please visit the Grad School application information webpage for additional information on transcript requirements.
    • IMPORTANT: No Hard Copy of Transcripts should be sent to the CS Department.
  • GRE Scores are no longer required as part of an application to the CS M.Eng Program. 
  • PROOF ENGLISH LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: All International students who earned their degrees from institutions in a country where English is not the official language are required to submit scores from either the TOEFL or IELTS tests.

    • TOEFL: The Graduate School mandates that applicants meet the following minimum scores in order to be considered for admission: Writing (>=20), Listening (>=15), Reading (>=20), and Speaking (>=22).
      • CS MEng requires that applicants meet the above section minimums. Most admitted applicants have exceeded the minimums.
      • Scores should be sent directly by the testing service to Cornell University Graduate School (institution code 2098) Department code is not required. Additional information on TOEFL requirements are provided by the Graduate School
    • IELTS: is also accepted as a test of English Language Proficiency. An overall band score of 7/0 or higher is required. 

  • Please see information about English Language Proficiency Requirements on the Graduate Admissions webpages including how to send  IELTS scores, exemptions, and timelines.

Additional information about your application:

  • Please do not send/provide any materials which are not specified as required for your application. No additional documents will be considered during review unless prior permission has been granted.
  • A writing sample is not required.
  • Hard copies of application materials already submitted online are not required. Do not send a printed copy of your application.
  • No application materials should be mailed. All materials should be submitted through the application system.

Questions about the required application materials? e-mail