Claire Cardie
Professor, Department of Computer Science
          and Department of Information Science
Cornell University
417 Gates Hall

Phone: 607-255-9206
Fax: 607-255-4428
Email: cardie at cs dot cornell dot edu 
Administrative assistant: Randy Hess (rbhess at cs dot cornell dot edu), Gates 401

Ugrad and MEng ADVISING office hours for SPRING 2017: To make an appointment, go to my ADVISING office hours page and follow the instructions there. It will let you secure a particular slot of time during my office hours alotted for advising.

Office hours for CS6740: Sign-up for an appointment at my COURSE office hours page.

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and, of course, Marseille!!

General Chair, ACL 2018, Melbourne, Australia.
Organizing Chair, 2nd Workshop on Argumentation Mining, at NAACL 2015. June 4th, 2015.
Organizer of the TAC KBP 2014 Sentiment Track.
Current and recent conference program committees:
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I was also program chair of the joint ACL-COLING 2006 conference in Sydney, Australia, with Pierre Isabelle.

Other current and recent activities:
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Research Interests

My primary research is in the area of natural language processing (NLP) where our goal is to develop algorithms and systems that will vastly improve a user's ability to find, absorb, and extract information from on-line text. My group's research generally proceeds at two complementary levels: we focus both on building real systems for large-scale natural language processing tasks and on developing techniques to address underlying theoretical problems in the syntactic, semantic and pragmatic analysis of natural language. As has become more or less standard in the field, we rely on statistical machine learning techniques as our primary modeling tool, both for guiding natural language system development and for exploring the mechanisms that underlie language understanding. Our current work encompasses a number of related areas:

With colleagues from the Information Science program, I also work on:
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