Cornell Tech is the newest campus of Cornell University. Located in the heart of New York City, Cornell Tech offers a two-semester CS MEng Program similar to the program in Ithaca.  Close proximity to industry and the NYC start-up scene are central to the Tech Campus option. The program emphasizes entrepreneurship and external engagement.

The integrated curriculum includes both technical and business classes, company and start-up projects with interdisciplinary teams and practicums in the Studio. The faculty is motivated by the opportunity to conduct innovative research and co-create with leading acadmics, industry experts, entrepreneurs and students. Many have started their own companies. 

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Important Application Notice

The Cornell Tech CS MEng program uses a separate admissions system and this has ramifications if you wish to be considered for the NYC program as a "second choice". If you apply to the Ithaca CS MEng and are denied admission, then with your permission, we will send a copy of your complete application to the Cornell Tech Admissions Office for them to process.

Conversely, if you apply to Cornell Tech and are denied admission, then contact the Cornell Tech Admissions Office about the procedure for having your application portfolio sent to the Ithaca CS MEng Office for review.