Date Posted: 8/22/2016

Ashesh Jain, together with Stanford postdoc Amir R. Zamir, Stanford professor Silvio Savarese, and Brain of Things CEO Ashutosh Saxena, received the CVPR 2016 Best Student Paper award for "Structural-RNN: Deep Learning on Spatio-Temporal Graphs".  One award was given; a record-breaking 2145 valid papers were submitted.

Quoting from the paper: The proposed new method is "generic and principled" because it "can be used for transforming any spatio-temporal graph through ... a certain set of well defined steps".  Evaluation was performed on human motion modeling, human activity anticipation, and driver maneuver prediction.

An interesting side note: all three of the general chairs and all four of the program chairs for CVPR 2016 were women, and women occupied most of the other chair positions: