The Computer Science Minor is for undergradaute students who anticipate that computer science will have a prominent role to play in their academic and professional career. It is designed for students in all majors to supplement their primary studies. Computer science is applicable to almost any major and career choice; from Communication, Psychology, and Law to Architecture, Music, and Engineering. The theoretical foundations of information and computation provide students with the appropriate skills for academic and professional careers. Completion of a CS minor, with a well-selected set of classes, can serve as good preparation for further study in CS through our 2-semester Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program or our 4-semester Master of Science program. The CS Minor is designed for students in all undergraduate schools and colleges.

Offered by: The Department of Computer Science

Administered by: The Department of Computer Science; 110 Gates Hall

Contact Person: Nicole Roy, 110E Gates Hall, 255-0982,

                                    Stella Lee, 110F Gates Hall, 255-7741

Eligibility: Undergraduate students in the following seven (7) colleges are eligible for the Minor with some exceptions (see Note):

Agriculture and Life Sciences · Architecture, Art, and Planning · Arts and Sciences · Engineering · Hotel Administration· Human Ecology · Industrial and Labor Relations

(Note: CS majors and Engineering students majoring in Information Science, Systems and Technology (ISST) may not participate in the Minor.)

Educational Objectives: This minor is for students who anticipate that computer science will have a prominent role to play in their academic and professional career.

To Apply for a Computer Science Minor

  • Once you have completed all of the courses for the minor, or are in your final semester of study and finishing up the minor, you are eligible to have your minor requirements certified by the Department of Computer Science.
  • Obtain the form Application to Certify Completion of a Minor from this site.
  • Obtain an official transcript from the University Registrar's Office in B7 Day Hall.
  • Complete form and attach the copy of your transcript on which you have highlighted or underlined each course used for the minor.
  • Submit the form and transcript to the Computer Science Undergraduate office, 110E Gates Hall.


To complete the minor/concentration, the student must take at least six courses (18 credit minimum) chosen as follows:

Required Courses:

  • CS/ENGRD 2110 or 2112 Object-Oriented Programming & Data Structures
  • CS 3410 or CS 3420/ECE 3140 Computer Systems Organization & Programming *or* Embedded Systems

Additional Courses:

Four (4 ) CS courses numbered 3000 or higher, with the following exceptions:

  • CS 4090, CS 4998, CS 4999 and seminars are excluded
  • CS 2800 is allowed

Note: Cross-listed courses cannot be applied to the minor unless taken under the CS rubric (e.g. CS 4300 counts, but INFO 4300 does not), with the sole exceptions of ECE 3140 and CS courses also listed as ENGRD. All qualifying courses must be taken at Cornell for a letter grade. No substitutions allowed.

Academic Standards: A letter grade of C or better for each course in the minor.