Computer Science Undergraduate Course Staff Positions

There are many opportunities for undergraduate students to be employed as Course Staff for Computer Science. Students hired as Course Staff may choose to work for an hourly salary or work for course credit. Typically, students are hired as Course Staff for one semester at a time. However, in some cases, student appointments are extended for a full academic year. Students may only work as Course Staff for one class per semester.

Course Staff Positions*

  • Undergraduate Consultants - responsible for grading assignments and/or exams, holding office hours, answering Piazza questions, and/or other duties as assigned
  • Undergraduate Teaching Assistants (TAs) - responsible for leading discussion sections, developing assignments, serving as Head Consultant, and/or other duties as assigned

*Please note that students working as CS Course Staff for CS Summer Session classes must have prior experience as CS Course Staff in the fall and/or spring semesters.

Working for an Hourly Salary

Students choosing to work as Course Staff for pay will receive an hourly salary based on their experience level, job duties, and level of course for which they are working. Students can NOT work for both an hourly salary and course credit at the same time.

Students working for an hourly salary must:

Working for Course Credit

Students choosing to work as Course Staff for course credit will receive credit hours for CS 4090 (Teaching Experience in Computer Science). The number of credits a student can earn is determined by the CS faculty member for which the student is working and is based on their experience level, job duties, and level of course for which they are working. Students can NOT work for both an hourly salary and course credit at the same time.

NOTES: (1) CS 4090 can be taken for S/U only.  (2) for students in the College of Arts and Sciences:  CS 4090 is considered non-academic credit in A&S which means that the credits do not count towards the degree or the minimum 12 credits for full-time status in a semester. (3) With respect to the CS major requirements, CS 4090 fulfills the major-approved and advisor-approved electives only.

Students working for course credit must:

  • Apply online
  • Attend a mandatory Consultant/TA Training Session (first-time CS Course Staff employees only)

Consultant/TA Training

The Computer Science Department offers a training program that focuses on the real issues that our Consultants and TAs deal with everyday such as helping students during crowded office hours, grading effectively and fairly, keeping limits, dealing with implicit bias, and handling distressed students. A similar training session is being offered by the College of Engineering. One-time participation in Consultant/TA training is required of all undergraduate Consultants and TAs. Food and drink will be provided, and students are paid for attending.

If you participated in the training in a prior semester, you do not need to participate again.

I-9 Employee Eligibility Verification Form

To complete the I-9 Form you will need to meet with a Cornell staff member in person to review ORIGINAL (no photos) and CURRENT (not expired) documentation that establishes both identity and employment eligibility. For example, you can use a photo ID (driver license, or school id) to establish identity. To establish employment eligibility you can use a birth certificate or social security card. A passport works as both forms of ID. F-1 visa International students must bring a Passport, I-20 and I-94. International students who do not have an F-1 Visa must confirm employment eligibility with the Cornell International Students and Scholars Office in 300 Caldwell Hall.

Review details of acceptable documents here:

Academic Integrity

Absolute integrity is expected of every Cornell student, faculty, and staff in all undertakings and is expected not only in formal course work but also in all University relationships and interactions, including the use of University resources.

Students who have been convicted of violating the Cornell University Code of Academic Integrity and/or convicted of academic fraud are NOT ELIGIBLE to work as Course Staff for the Department of Computer Science.

Apply Online

ALL students interested in a course staff position with Computer Science need to complete an online application even if they have worked as a member of our Course Staff before, even just the semester before now.

Course Staff Application Link

Please see the Course Hiring website for further information.