The Master of Engineering Program in Computer Science allows students the freedom to design a program which enhances their knowledge in specific areas of interest. Students can augment their Computer Science requirements with taking courses outside of CS in several different areas. Browse through  Courses of Study  (the Cornell course catalog) and Course and Time Roster to see what is offered during the upcoming  semester.

* Please note that although the courses below are pre-approved for CS MEng credit, some might not be available due to enrollment restrictions. If a course is not open to students outside of the offering field, please let us know and we will remove them from the list.

Below are some commonly chosen courses outside of Computer Science which have been pre-approved to count towards CS M.Eng. Degree credit.

  • If a course you are interested in is not listed below please send an e-mail to the M.Eng curriculum committee requesting a review of the course for degree credit. Please include the course description.
  • If a course is cross-listed with CS it is automatically considered approved.
  • All courses outside of CS need pre-approval, if not pre-approved the course may not be counted towards degree credit.
  • No courses outside of Computer Science will be counted as a required Computer Science credit.
  • Not all of these courses are offered every year.

Information Science

  • INFO 6140 Cognitive Psychology
  • INFO 6400 Human-Computer Interaction Design
  • INFO 6130  Health and Computation
  • INFO 6230 Games, Economic Behavior and the Internet
  • INFO 6648 Speech Synthesis by Rule

Johnson Graduate School of Management

  • NBA 5070 Entrepreneurship for Scientists and Engineers
  • NBA 5150 Leadership Principles and Practices
  • NBA 5970 Competing with Social Networks
  • NCC 5500 Financial Accounting
  • NCC 5530 Marketing Management
  • NCC 5560 Managerial Finance
  • NBA 5640 Entrepreneurship and Business Ownership
  • NBA 6010 Electronic Business (formerly Electronic Commerce)
  • NBA 6120 Disruptive Technologies
  • NBA 6130 Women in the Workplace
  • NBA 6170 Emerging Technology Markets
  • NBA 5970 Competing with Social Networks

Operations Research & Industrial Engineering

  • OR&IE 5140 Applied Systems Engineering
  • OR&IE 5270 Big Data Technologies
  • OR&IE 5310 Optimization II
  • OR&IE 5510 Intro to Engineering Stochastic Processes I
  • OR&IE 5520 Intro to Engineering Stochastic Processes II
  • OR&IE 5610  Financial Engineering with Stochastic Calculus II
  • OR&IE  5640  Statistics for Financial Engineering
  • OR&IE 6500 Applied Stochastic Processes
  • OR&IE 6741 Bayesian Machine Learning

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • ECE 5470 Computer Vision
  • ECE 5660 Fundamentals of Networks
  • ECE 5120 Model-Based Systems Engineering
  • ECE 5630 Information Theory for Data Transmission, Security and Machine Learning
  • ECE 5670 Digital Communications
  • ECE 5720 Introduction to Parallel Computing
  • ECE 5725 Design with Embedded Operating Systems
  • ECE 5750 Advanced Computer Architecture
  • ECE 5772 Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • ECE 5780 Computer Analysis of Biomed Images

Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • CEE 5980  Introduction to Decision Analysis
  • CEE 5900 Project Management

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • MAE 5180 Autonomous Mobile Robots
  • MAE 5750 Robotic Manipulation

Science and Technology Studies

  • STS 6241 Science, Technology, and International Security
  • STS 6261 Seminar in the History of Technology
  • STS 6321 Inside Technology
  • STS 6661 Public Engagement in Science



Biological Statistics


Biological Engineering


Statistical Science