Date Posted: 9/20/2017

Bart Selman was recently quoted in two articles:

The first article commented on the Tesla Model S crash that resulted in the death of a man who was using the semi-autonomous driver assist feature. In the article, Bart Selman warns that, “with the introduction of ever smarter technologies, the companies developing such systems have to carefully consider how to keep the human in the loop if they want to rely on the human operator as a 'backup.’”

The second article addresses the difficulties around defining hate speech online, especially in regards to social media giants like Facebook and Youtube. In particular, artificial intelligence programs that detect such behavior are improving, but “remain far from understanding the context around words or pictures, which would allow them to make filtering decisions on their own.”  Along the same note, Bart Selman states that, “We are very far away from any machinery reaching that echelon. People will need to help the machines for at least a decade or so longer.”