Q: Can I take non-CS courses for M.Eng. credit?

Yes, provided they are both "technical" and "advanced". More information can be found along with a list of pre-approved non-CS courses. Note that at least 15 credits must be CS courses; not counting any project courses, seminars or courses not taken for a letter grade.

Q: Can I apply credits I earned at Cornell (or another university) before I started my M.Eng. degree?

No. This is a rule of the Engineering College and we have zero flexibility on this issue. In particular, Cornell undergraduates should delay taking any courses they wish to count toward their M.Eng. degree until after they officially start as M.Eng. students (either as Early Admit or regular admits).

Q: Am I allowed to stay for a third semester?

Yes. Although we encourage you to plan to complete your M.Eng. program in two academic terms. We realize that this is not always possible and sometimes students wish to stay an additional semester to further enhance their backgrounds. Students continuing for a third semester are required to register as full time students for all three terms and pay full time tuition. Additionally, the student must enroll in at least 8 credits of course/project work which would be eligible for CS MEng degree credit whether it is needed or not. The CS M.Eng Office must be informed of the decision to continue for an additional term before the end of the second term so records can be updated to reflect continuation.