Through coursework and project, the MEng program expands your versatility as a computer scientist. To further prepare yourself for the future, take challenging courses in new areas and push the "independence thing" as you work on your project. Computer science is a fast-changing field and just to keep up you need to be confident in your technical abilities. The best time to build that confidence is while you are a student.

Now is also the time to refine your communication skills and to develop an appreciation for the "big picture":

  1. Exploit Cornell's Office of Career Services and also the College of Engineering's version of the same.
  2. Prepare for those crucial job interviews and short technical presentations.
  3. Appreciate how researchers and entrepreneurs think. You may become one!
  4. Join the ACM or SIAM or DevChix or Systers for career-planning insights.

It's all about maximizing control over the direction of your career.