Please be aware that the information on this page is likely to change due to changes in the FA20 semester. Thank you for your cooperation.

Fall 2020 enrollment information

Please note that this enrollment policy is for Ithaca based courses only. If you have questions regarding courses that are taught at the Cornell Tech campus, please send an email to Monica Patten

Due to high demand for courses in Computer Science, some students will not be able to directly enroll in certain CS courses. However, our goal is to accommodate as many students as possible while being thoughtful and fair in allocating space if and when courses reach capacity, and like last semester, we anticipate that many of our courses will be able to accommodate most, if not all students. The way we are handling this is by restricting direct enrollment in certain classes on Student Center to students affiliated with Computer Science and other majors within CIS, while opening the Student Center waitlist for all other students.

The information below provides enrollment information for CS courses. It indicates where we predict capacity issues or when getting on the waitlist may be necessary. Please note that students will have the option to waitlist a course via Student Center during the Add period only, and there will be no waitlist option for 1000, 2000, 3000, or 7000-level CS courses. Keep in mind that adding yourself to the waitlist does NOT guarentee you a spot in the course. If you do not see a particular course it might be because the course is owned by another department. In this case, CS does not control enrollment - you will need to reach out to the parenting department with enrollment questions. Please continue to check the pages as the semester approaches as it may change. Please email for more information. 

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