Curricular Practical Training

International students wishing to partake in an internship during a semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer) will need to apply for Curricular Practical Training (CPT).  CPT can be either part-time or full time.  

  • Typically students participate in part-time internships during either the Fall or Spring semester while also supported on a GRA.  The part-time internship would be an additional 5 hours per week on top of the GRA.
  • Full-time CPT can be taken during Fall, Spring, or Summer for 40 hours a week.  Students must register LOA for the semester while on CPT.

The International Services Office of Global Learning has moved their CPT Forms Online.  In light of this I’m sharing the updated process for applying for CPT.

  1. Obtain an offer letter for your CPT
  2. Enter your request for CPT online.  Link found here:
  3. If your internship will be remote, please note on the form the address in which you will be working from
  4. Please enter Becky Stewart’s name and email ( as advisor information so that Becky can finalize the process with supporting documentation.