Information about CS course offerings is here. In addition, there are two important online publications to consult when you are thinking what courses to take. Courses of Study (the Cornell course catalog) and the Course and Time Roster which indicates what is being offered during the current semester.

  • Access Student Center 
  • University Registrar
  • Course Enrollment is done electronically four times a year. Once at the start of each semester and once in the middle of each semester as pre-enrollment for the subsequent semester.
  • At the start of each semester there is an ADD/DROP period where students can enroll in courses and drop courses they no longer want.
    • Advisor approval is not required for adding courses unless your admission letter specifically states that advisor approval is necessary.
    • You should plan your courses carefully to create a well-balanced and manageable schedule which allows for graduating after two semesters.
  • The ADD period lasts for approximately three weeks followed by an additional four weeks to DROP courses.
    • Students will need advisor approval to drop courses after the end of the initial three week ADD period ends. You can get approval by visiting the CS M.Eng Office 110D Gates Hall during office hours.
    • Any changes to credit hours or grading options should be done prior to the end of the ADD period.
    • After the DROP period ends students can petition to drop a course, however they will be given a "W" on their transcripts marking the late withdrawal.
    • Download .pdf version of course enrollment petition used for any changes to course enrollment after the deadline. You will need to have this signed in 110D Gates Hall and hand deliver it to the Engineering Registrar's Office.
  • About one third through the fall and springs semester students have the opportunity to pre-enroll for the next semester. We highly recommend pre-enrolling as the pre-enrollment numbers are used to arrange for appropriate course staff and classroom accommodations.
    • Adjustments can be made to all pre-enrollment schedules during the official ADD / DROP period at the start of the semester.
  • The Johnson Graduate School of Management has a registrar separate from the University registrar and consequently their course enrollment is done differently.
    • You should read the enrollment rules for each JGSM course you wish to take including the deadlines for dropping the course and any associated fees.
  • Access Student Center 
    • Student Center is available at . You will need your Network ID and password.
    • You can access Student Center through any networked computer with an appropriate web browser, at home, in the libraries, college registrar offices, community centers and public computer labs.

Additional Information on enrolling in courses can be found at the University Registrar's Website