Date Posted: 3/01/2000

The Department of Computer Science at Cornell University is very pleased to announce that Cornell undergraduate Allegra Angus has won the Computing Research Association (CRA) Outstanding Undergraduate Award for 2002.  The award is one of the most prestigious awards for Computer Science undergraduate students.

The CRA is comprised of over 190 academic computer science departments and departments of related fields as well as government and industrial laboratories where basic research in computer science is performed. 

The CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Awards are presented to the two students in North America who demonstrate the greatest potential as computer science researchers.  Department chairs of U.S. or Canadian colleges and universities nominate up to four of their undergraduate students who are majoring in computer science, computer engineering, or a related field.  The awards are open to students in any part of their undergraduate education, but preference is usually given to seniors.  Recipients of the awards are selected on the basis of their academic achievement, community service and performance of significant research.  Allegra will receive her award at a major research conference next year (to be announced).  In addition to the cash prize of $1,000, Allegra will also receive travel assistance to attend the meeting and award presentation.

Allegra, whose family lives in Rochester, NY is a College of Arts and Sciences double major in Computer Science and Mathematics. She has performed undergraduate research with Prof. Dexter Kozen, developing algebraic techniques to prove the equivalence of flowchart schemes.

Allegra is also a recipient of the Intel Women in Science and Engineering Tuition Scholarship and has been on the Cornell Deans List every semester because of her consistently high grades. In addition to her curricular activities she is an accomplished classical musician, the Concertmaster of the Cornell Chamber Orchestra, and Alto I in the Cornell Womens Chorus.

See and for more information about the CRA and its Outstanding Undergraduate Awards.