Exam Scheduling Guidelines

***A exams should be scheduled by 7th semester (4th year). The graduate school will place a hold on your registration if you have not met this milestone before the 7th semester.

You are responsible for submitting your schedule form WITH approvals 7 days prior to the exam. The Graduate school is VERY STRICT with this DEADLINE. If it’s a weekend, plan accordingly. If you do not make this deadline you will need to reschedule the exam for a later date!

Scheduling your A or B exam

Forms must be submitted 7 days before your exam! Please send your announcement of your your exam 7 days prior to Jessica so that she can announce to the cs field members and phd students.

Exams be be given either in-person or remotely.  Students giving exams in-person must provide a zoom link in the exam announcement so that anyone unable to attend in person may do so remotely.

Forms for Scheduling either A or B Exam

A Exam Form(Online)**

B Exam  Form (Online)**

Forms to take to exam

A Exam:

A and B Results:  

*On the day of your scheduled exam, you will receive an email from the Graduate School instructing you to intiate the results submission process immediately after your exam takes place.  A direct link to the online results submission form is included in the email.  Once signed and submitted by you, the results form is sent automatically first to your chair for official recording of your results, then to your committee members for review and confirmation that the results reflect the consensus of the special committee.  The form will then go to the Director of Graduate Studies to indicate the graduate field accepts the results of the exam.  Once the electronic review and approval process concludes, the completed form is routed to Becky Stewart to review and acknowledge.  Once this step is completed the form will be automatically routed to the Graduate School.

I need a Proxy:

  1. Your minor member on your committee requiring a proxy can submit the name of the field member serving as a proxy within the online exam scheduling form.  The field faculty member serving as the proxy must be representing the same graduate field and concentration as the minor member requiring the proxy on your committee.


**Notifications and tracking of scheduling forms:

  • Students receive email notifications of each approval (GFA, committee members) and receive a final notification when all members of the committee and the DGS have approved informing them that the schedule form has been submitted to the Graduate School for processing.
  • Students and GFAs can track the approval process by following the Click here to login to Dynamic Forms. link provided in the email notifications sent once each has signed and submitted the form.
  • Both the student and GFA receive an email from the Graduate School when the schedule form has been processed and approved. 
  • Students are responsible for ensuring committee approval and sign off so please encourage them to track the progress if it appears to be stalled.

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