Keshav K. Pingali, professor of computer science at Cornell, has been named associate director of the Cornell Theory Center (CTC), Thomas F. Coleman, director of CTC, has announced.

In his new role at CTC, Pingali will facilitate the center's interaction with Cornell computer and computational scientists and assist in interactions with federal funding agencies.

Pingali, who joined the Cornell faculty in 1986, researches programming languages and compilers for high-performance architectures. His team develops the algorithms and tools that are required to generate efficient code for programs in a variety of application areas, including scientific and engineering simulations. He is the lead investigator at Cornell for the National Science Foundation-funded Adaptive Software Project, leading an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists, engineers and physicists.

CTC operates a Dell/Intel/Windows cluster complex, consisting of more than 900 processors. These are configured into general purpose and dedicated clusters for computational materials, computational biology solutions and the Cornell Institute for Social and Economic Research.

CTC also provides a Windows/Dell/Intel 3D, stereo immersive, virtual reality environment for scientific visualization and supports research in bioinformatics, behavioral and social sciences, computer science, engineering, geosciences, mathematics, physical sciences and business.