Date Posted: 3/14/2019

In its nineteenth year, CSV—Cornell Silicon Valley—is the premiere engagement event for Cornell University alumni living in the Bay Area. Outside of the New York City metropolitan area, the Bay Area has the highest density of Cornell alumni—with more than fifteen thousand graduates.

As in prior years, “Cornell’s marquee event on the West Coast brings together alumni interested in learning and networking in the tech space. This year’s conference will include presentations on how Cornell’s trailblazing research has influenced start up cultures and large corporations, how big data is being applied in the precision medicine arena; how companies make decisions about fostering inclusive communities; and how privacy, ethics, and AI intersect. Look forward to thought-provoking discussions and hear from industry leaders in the Bay Area and beyond.”

This year’s featured guest is Martha E. Pollack, President of Cornell University and Professor of Computer Science, and the Keynote Speaker is Kavita Bala, Chair of Cornell’s Department of Computer Science. Dean of Computing and Information Science (CIS), Greg Morrisett will also speak.

Moreover, several members of the CS faculty will speak as will prominent alumni, including Amit Singhal (MS CS, ’95, Ph.D. CS ’97; former Google Fellow and ex-senior Vice President at Google) and Ilya Sukhar (BS CS ’07, MEng ’09; General Partner at Matrix Partners).

More information on the event, convened at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California on March 26, 2019.

Event schedule.

List of CSV19 Speakers.

More information about CSV.

During CSV’s history, nine CIS faculty members have spoken, including Daniel Huttenlocher, Greg Morrisett, Ken Birman, Claire Cardie, Jeffrey Hancock, Hakim Weatherspoon, Deborah Estrin, Haym Hirsh, and Martha E. Pollack. Moreover, presentations have been given by fourteen alumni and four CIS Advisory Council members (i.e., alumni volunteers).