• For CS majors, the CS faculty advisor and the CS Undergraduate Advising Staff in 110 Gates are the primary resources. 
  • If you do not have a CS faculty advisor, then you can get your CS-related questions answered by the CS Undergraduate Advising staff in 110 Gates or the Director of Undergradaute Study.
  • All faculty advisors in CS have support staff, who may be able to help you find them. List of support staff for each faculty.
  • For more difficult problems, you may want to get a tutor or also consult with a college-level advisor.

The Advisor

You are expected to keep your faculty advisor informed about your successes and difficulties at all times. You and your advisor should meet at your mutual convenience at least once each term to discuss courses and the overall academic plan.

What to expect from your advisor.

Note: If you have any questions about your advisor assignment or would like to discuss switching advisors, please feel free to come see us in 110E Gates Hall.


Information about entry level CS courses is given during the Academic Briefing sessions in Engineering. Special one-hour overviews of the CS major are also part of the orientation programs in Arts & Sciences and Engineering.


Tutoring services are provided by Engineering Learning Initiatives in 167 Olin Hall (257-7414) or here.  Many CS course have undergraduate staff tutors or consultants; check the course webpage for details.

College-Level Advising

Engineering Advising (167 Olin Hall) and Arts and Sciences Advising (KG17 Klarman Hall) are staffed with highly skilled individuals who can help you with a wide range of problems.

For more information email us at ugrad@cs.cornell.edu