Date Posted: 10/04/2016

BigRed Hacks (BRH) drew over 400 students from across the country to its annual 36-hour student-run hackathon. For three days, teams of up to 4 students worked tirelessly to create computer applications for a variety of uses with a special emphasis on this year's theme of sustainability. BRH was created three years ago by two CS undergraduates, Junia George and Leon Zaruvinsky, in an effort to bring the hackathon culture to Cornell; since then, the planning committee has grown to a team of 22 students.The event was organized as part of the student hackathon league, Major League Hacking, and was sponsored by over 20 companies including Microsoft, Dell, Bloomberg, and Oracle with special support from the Cornell Computer Science Department, including Events Coordinator Jessie White and Professor Ross Tate. To kick off the event, Professor Carla Gomes, director of the Institute of Computational Sustainability, presented at the opening ceremony with a talk entitled, "Computational Methods for Balancing Environmental, Economic, and Societal Needs." 

The hackathon itself ran for three days in the Physical Sciences Building with various networking opportunities, snacks, and of course, plenty of designing, coding, building, and iterating. After a 2-hour project expo on Sunday, the hackathon ended with a closing ceremony which presented multiple awards for the projects:

Main Prizes Winners
Best UI DesignRecycle Rampage
Best Business
Best Technical FeatAndreessen
Best First-Time HackPuppetPlant
Best Hardware HackJankTank

Special Prize Winners
Best Use of Nessie APIGarbagemonGOCheddar
Best Use of Microsoft TechnologyBinGO
Best Cornell-Related HackCornell Course Advisor (CUCA)
Most Security Conscious AppHTTPS Security Demo
Best Data Privacy HackHTTPS Security Demo

Further coverage on the event can be found at the Cornell Daily Sun.