Date Posted: 4/01/2000

Juris Hartmanis, Walter R. Reed Professor of Engineering, has won this year's CRA Distinguished service award. The Computing Research Association (CRA) is an association of more than 180 North American academic departments of computer science and computer engineering (CS&CE); laboratories and centers in industry, government, and academia engaging in basic computing research. It is the main voice of CS research in the country. The award recognizes service in the areas of government affairs, professional societies, publications or conferences, and leadership that has a major impact on computing research. Dr. Hartmanis  has been a dominant force in all of these directions.

Past Winners:
1999: Bill Joy, Sun Microsystems and Ken Kennedy, Rice University
1998: Merrell Patrick, National Science Foundation
1997: Anita Jones, University of Virginia
1996: Paul Young, University of Washington
1995: Randy Katz, University of California at Berkeley
1994: William A. Wulf, University of Virginia
1992: Joseph Traub, Columbia University
1991: David Gries, Cornell University
1990: Robert Kahn, Corporation for National Research Initiatives