Date Posted: 9/07/2016

Jon Kleinberg was quoted in a Communications of the ACM article on proposals by Brewster Kahle, Tim Berners-Lee, and others to re-architect some of the fundamental aspects of the Web. As the article writes, "The goals are to offer reliability, integrity, and privacy not easily obtained today, and to preserve a complete and accurate archive of all Web activity." 

From the article: 
Jon Kleinberg, a computer science professor at Cornell University who specializes in large-scale social and information networks, applauds these notions for ensuring the integrity and stability of Web content. "A lot of the technologies [Kahle] talks about are cryptographic at their heart," he says. "When I read something, I want to be confident of its authorship, and I want to read things without worrying that other people are monitoring what I'm reading." Yet Kleinberg warns of difficulties in achieving these goals. "The Web is a huge system; what sorts of systems at Web scale can realistically be built? It's hard to tell exactly what is going to be technologically feasible." 

Full article found here.