Date Posted: 7/29/2016

Of the 23 US teams at this year's ACM international programming contest, Cornell tied for third: Harvard was #3 overall, MIT was #6, and #28 was a three-way tie between Cornell, UC-Berkeley and University of Central Florida (13 other schools were also tied for #28).  Among the top 51, the remaining US teams were Stanford (#44, along with 7 others) and Rice (#51, with 17 others).

The top four schools overall were St. Petersburg State, Shanghai Jiao Tong, Harvard, and the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.  Full results can be found here: and teams can be found here:

A writeup of the top Cornell team --- Saketh Are (CS '16, also number 10 among US competitors in Topcoder), Victor Reis (CS and math junior), and Jake Silverman (CS senior), coached by ORIE PhD student Daniel Flesichman --- and the regionals can be found here: