Date Posted: 5/25/2022

Every year the Computer Science department recognizes remarkable students for their work in and dedication to the department. This year, the event was back in person and those gathered celebrated the honorees. The department is very thankful for student efforts and takes this opportunity each year to recognize them for their many contributions and to share comments of praise from appreciative collaborators. The department wishes graduates — and those returning for further study — the best of luck.

You can access Student Recognition 2022 by logging in with a netid. For those who cannot access the page, here is a glimpse of the awards bestowed and thanks given on this occasion:

  • Graduate Student Service Recognition (From Students to Other Students) 
  • Faculty Nominated Undergraduate Consultant and Teaching Assistant Awards
  • The CS Department wishes to thank Czars: For many years the CS department has had a czar system where students volunteer to step up and make the department a better place. These range from the Academic Czars who run Brown Bag and Colloquium, to the Espresso Milk Fund, TGIF Czars who help us build stronger ties with each other. We are very grateful to everybody who helps us build this strong sense of community. If you have not yet done so, please thank the people who have gone ahead of you to help improve the climate of the department. And please consider volunteering your time to help with this noble goal.
  • Faculty-Nominated M.S. and Ph.D. Graduate Awards
  • Faculty-Nominated M.Eng. Graduate Awards
  • Graduating Seniors Who Have Served as Teaching Assistants for Three or More Semesters
  • Student Group Leaders