Date Posted: 10/09/2020

Nearly ninety undergraduate students, plus more than a dozen graduate students, gathered for ACSU Research Night. The proceedings began with a welcome from CS Chair √Čva Tardos. Judy Huang, Academic Chair of ACSU, moderated. And CS Assistant Professor Adrian Sampson talked with a panel of undergraduate students: Andrew Yates, XiaoXian Lin, and Victor Butoi. After their discussion, guests were invited to graduate student poster sessions.

The event, held each semester, focuses on introducing undergraduates to research opportunities in computer science. The event has two parts: a panel discussion about how and why to do computing research, and a virtual poster session where prospective undergraduate researchers can meet Ph.D. students and forge potential collaborations.

Visit this page for a list of the Ph.D. Researcher Posters.

Undergraduate panelist, Victor Butoi, emphasized that "research is about taking a subject you might be passionate about and you just run off with it. You make friends. You talk about it and obsess over it. It’s just fun." As someone already advanced in his own research program, assistant professor Adrian Sampson pointed out another pleasure: “My favorite part about research is the freedom that you get."

An example of a graduate student poster; this one is by Gloire Rubambiza, et al.

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