Date Posted: 9/15/2020

In a dispatch from TechCrunch, Megan Rose Dickey explores how “Triplebyte, a technical recruiting platform that emphasizes a candidate’s skills rather than background, has incubated nonprofit ColorStack, which aims to increase the number of Black and Latinx people enrolled in computer science programs.”

ColorStack is “a mentorship-driven community of Black and Latinx engineering students,” which launched earlier this year but began even earlier at Cornell, “where founder Jehron Petty, ’20 successfully worked to triple Black and Latinx enrollment in the school’s computer science program within three years.” Going forward, ColorStack aims to replicate “similar outcomes at additional schools throughout the country.” At present ColorStack’s “community consists of more than 600 students across more than 250 schools.”

Petty told TechCrunch: “The main source of impact we can drive is getting [undergraduates] to persist through the major.” Adding: “What we’re solving for them is this next level of growth—where the next set of engineers they support come from.”

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Petty authored “ColorStack: Scaling Racial Diversity in Tech

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