Date Posted: 10/17/2014

Emmanuel Schanzer '02 has been recognized by TechCrunch for his work on Bootstrap with a mention as one of "10 Men Making Waves for Women in Tech". " In 2006, Emmanuel created  Bootstrap, a curriculum and software platform that enables students to build their own video games using pure algebraic and geometric concepts and a functional programming language. Bootstrap has incorporated many known best-practices for engaging young women in computer science, building teamwork, relationship-building and real-word application into every aspect of the curriculum. "This approach means all the girls and underrepresented students get the chance to feel successful with computer programming, not just the students who sign up for the programming electives" says Schanzer, "it's about equity."  Bootstrap has successfully engaged an army of teachers, a half-dozen colleges and universities, and won support from organizations like the Computer Science Teachers Association, Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the National Science Foundation.

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