Date Posted: 2/14/2020

CS Associate Professor Nate Foster, Cornell Presidential Postdoc Mina Arashloo, and CS Ph.D. candidate Praveen Kumar won a 2020 Google Faculty Research Award in Networking for their project "Neptune: Network Partitioning and Tuning for Heterogeneous Architectures." 

"Providing unrestricted gifts as support for research at institutions around the world," Google Research states that "[t]he program is focused on funding world-class technical research in Computer Science, Engineering, and related fields."

CS Associate Professor Thomas Ristenpart, who sits at Cornell Tech, also won a Google Faculty Research Award for his work in Privacy.

Read coverage of these awards in Melanie Lefkowitz's story in the Cornell Chronicle, where she writes:

Nate Foster, associate professor of computer science, is developing new mechanisms, using next-generation hardware, to help make networks faster and cheaper. The work has implications for cloud computing as well as for telecommunication companies building 5G architectures, which seek to move various forms of complex processing from expensive appliances to cheaper commodity devices.

Nicola Dell, assistant professor at the Jacobs Technion-Cornell Institute at Cornell Tech, and Thomas Ristenpart, associate professor at Cornell Tech, are studying online communities of intimate-partner abusers to understand the strategies, tools and techniques abusers use to monitor, surveil, harass and stalk their victims, both online and offline. The researchers plan to design a measurement pipeline to collect data from these online communities, conduct qualitative analyses of their content and explore ways to automatically detect threats.

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