Date Posted: 1/15/2020

The President of the Association of Computer Science Undergraduates (ACSU), Jerry Qu, announced that Tisch University Professor of Computer Science, Lorenzo Alvisi, has been named its Faculty of the Year.

Qu notes: "We select awards based primarily on the number of nominations for the faculty member," whereupon the ACSU members confirm the selection. Qu continues: "The majority of the nominations for Professor Alvisi came from his course CS 5414 Distributed Computing Principles, for which almost all students gave him scores of 5 (out of 5) in all three categories of teaching quality, enthusiasm for material, and accessibility/flexibility."

Among the comments included in the nomination petitions, the ASCU found: "amazing distributed lectures," "inspired me to do research into distributed systems," "gave me a path to go on in CS," "the first and most immediate thing you realize when you meet [Professor Alvisi] is his warmth," "pleasure and tremendous honor to be able to be a part of this CS department when we have faculty like Lorenzo Alvisi," and "he truly goes beyond the call of duty."

Alvisi works in the theory and practice of dependent Distributed Computing. More information about his group and their research is available.