Date Posted: 1/14/2020

A Cornell CS team led by Professor Carla Gomes continues to receive praise for its research on CRYSTAL, a crystal-structure phase mapping system for accelerating materials discovery that contributed to finding new fuel cell materials. The research was selected by the U.S. Army as the fourth—out of ten—"coolest science, technology advances" in 2019.

At the outset of its research, the Cornell CS team received initial funding from the Army Research Lab (ARO) to work on crowdsourcing and human computer interaction, the phase-mapper component of CRYSTAL. ARO also funded our AIDA (AI for Discovery) Cluster that is used to run AI algorithms. CRYSTAL is the result of several years of research and has been funded by several institutions, including the National Science Foundation, the Army Research Office, the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, and the Toyota Research Institute among others.

Read this earlier coverage of crystal-phase mapping with AI and ML in pursuit of the next generation of fuel cells. The research was also written about in the Cornell Chronicle.

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