Date Posted: 1/05/2005
Technology Research News magazine's "Top Picks: Technology Research Advances of 2004" (December 29, 2004/January 5, 2005 issue includes several appearances by Cornellians present and past: ( )
  * Jon Aizen, Dan Huttenlocher, Jon Kleinberg, and Tony Novak, in the Internet category: "Researchers from Cornell University and the Internet Archive devised a way to measure users' reactions to an item description: a "batting average" of the number of users who
    go on to download the item divided by the number of users who read the description."
  * Vilson Almeida, Carlos Angulo Barrios, Michal Lipson, Roberto Panepucci, in the Communications category: "Cornell University researchers used ...  conventional light-channeling devices to create a silicon switch that allows one light beam to control another."
* Regina Barzilay and Lillian Lee, in the Information category: "On the data access and retrieval front, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Cornell University researchers developed software that picks up the topic structure of whole documents to generate     more accurate automatic summaries."