Date Posted: 3/29/2019

Successful Student has named Cornell among its “Best Robotics Colleges.” Of the top twenty-five programs in the United States, Cornell’s Robotics program is ranked tenth. Cornell is in good company with Harvard (7th), Columbia (8th), and Johns Hopkins (10th).

As noted in the Successful Student explanation for the ranking: “Students studying robotics at Cornell University can learn about various facets of Robotics—including perception, learning, control, and human-robot interaction. The team utilizes several robots for research and learning purposes: aerial robots, humanoids, office and home assistant robots, and autonomous cars, among others.”

Specific “background courses helpful” in Robotics are also adduced, including “Introduction to Computer Science using Robots, Intellectual Physical Systems, and Foundations of Robots. Some of the intermediate and advanced courses include Autonomous Mobile Robots, Human-Robot Interaction, Foundations of Robotics, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning for Intelligent Systems.”

Cornell offers a Ph.D. in Robotics as well as an undergraduate summer program, a Robotics minor for undergraduates, a Robotics Seminar series, and a traineeship program involving Healthcare Robotics.

Furthermore, Cornell has perhaps the largest group of researchers in the area of Human Robot Interaction (HRI) anywhere in the United States. The core people in that area (who also publish their work at the HRI conference) include: Guy Hoffman, Wendy Ju, Susan Fussell, Keith Green, Ross Knepper, Malte Jung, and Hadas Kress-Gazit.

And see also the Robots in Groups (RIG) lab where researchers explore “social and technical issues surrounding the placement of robots within groups and teams."

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Faculty in Cornell Robotics.