Date Posted: 9/30/2022
The Student-Applicant Support Program aims to assist students from marginalized backgrounds as they apply to Cornell’s Computer Science Ph.D. program. A graduate student volunteer may: 
(1) Talk to applicants (via Zoom) for 30 minutes about the application process and their experience (as well as answer any preliminary questions that the applicant may have) 
(2) Subsequently, provide one round of meaningful feedback on an applicant’s resume and statement of purpose (capacity limited). Participation in the Student-Applicant Support Program does not guarantee admission and our capacity for applications is limited.
To participate in the Student-Applicant Support Program, here are the relevant deadlines:
(1) Please fill out this form by 11:59PM EST, Oct 7 2022.
(2) Your application material needs to be submitted by 11:59PM EST on November 4, 2022. (The relevant form will be shared later.)
Note: Information will be aggregated and anonymized to evaluate the impact of this program, but individual responses will be deleted at the end of this application cycle. All demographics questions are optional.