2015 Contest:

In 2014 we organized our second contest on Tuesday April 7th. With 17 teams we had almost triple the participation of last year:

  • Brighton (two teams)
  • Byram Hills (two teams)
  • Dalton (two teams)
  • Fairport (three teams)
  • Ithaca (three teams)
  • McQuaid Jesuit (two teams)
  • Webster Thomas (one team)
  • Webster Schroeder (two teams)

First prize went to one of the Dalton teams, second prize to a Byram Hills team, and third prize to the other Dalton team. We also gave prizes for the first three teams to solve any problem. A team from Webster Schroeder was the first team to solve a problem, followed by teams from Dalton and Byram Hills (tied). Some stats:

  • All teams used Java exclusively.
  • Two teams solved all 7 problems, one team solved 6, one team solved 5, three teams solved 4, five teams solved 2, four teams solved 1, and one team solved no problems. Participants can receive feedback on their failed attempts.
  • Problem 1 (Making the Grade) was solved by 13 teams. Problem 2 (Eakspay...) was solved by 9. Problem 3 (Frame by Frame) was solved by 4. Problem 4 (Crushing Confections) was solved by 7. Problem 5 (Waiting for Change) was solved by 7. Problem 6 (Cornell Party) was solved by 4. Problem 7 (Cornell Party -- Retry) was solved by 7.

The programming problems are posted here. Solutions, test input and corresponding output are posted here, courtesy of Daniel Fleischman. Feel free to contact Daniel (df288 at cornell dot edu) with questions.

During lunch, Prof. David Bindel gave a talk on difficulties in calculating decimals of pi and various applications.

We got some press from Cornell Chronicle.


Contest 2014