CS 4xxx - 5xxx course information:

  1. Preference is given to CS affiliated students. Please check roster notes for specific course information and restrictions. 
    • Most 4xxx level courses are restricted to CS students. Other students (including those with CS minors) must add themselves to the wait list during the add period.
    • 5xxx level co-meets are restricted to CS MEng students. Other students must add themselves to the wait list during the add period. 
    • There are a few exceptions please check roster notes to verify restrictions for specific classes.
  2. Graduate and Professional students must take the 5xxx version of a course if the course is required for your degree program.
    • If you need to swap from the 4xxx to the 5xxx course. Please fill out the University online add/drop form during the regular add period, NOT pre-enroll.
  3. PINs are released after the first day of add, every Tuesday and Thursday.​​
    • Waitlists are not available during pre-enroll.
    • Priority is NOT based on waitlist number.
    • If you are not on the waitlist, you will not receive a PIN.
    • If you are on the incorrect wait list (ex. MEng on CS 4780 wait list), you will not receive a PIN.
    • PINs are released by the CS department. Instructors do not have them. 

For course descriptions see the Courses of Study.

Submit all course inquires via this email address.

For access to waitlist information