Simple Circuit Lower Bound via Algorithm for the Range Avoidance Problem (via Zoom)

Abstract: We present a simple single-valued FS_2P algorithm for the Range Avoidance Problem. As a result, we obtain the circuit lower bound S_2E \not \subset i.o.-SIZE[2^n/n] and many other corollaries:
1.Almost-everywhere near-maximum circuit lower bound for Sigma_2E \intersect Pi_2E and for ZPE^NP.
2.Pseudodeterministic FZPP^NP constructions for: Ramsey graphs, rigid matrices, pseudorandom generators, two-source extractors, linear codes, hard truth tables, and K^poly-random strings.
This talk is based on the following preprint: 

Bio: Li Zeyong is a fourth-year PhD student from National University of Singapore, advised by Prof. Divesh Aggarwal. His research interest lies in, broadly speaking, theoretical computer science, slightly biased towards complexity/hardness related stuff. Currently he works on hardness of Lattice problems (lower bounds and algorithms, etc) and a bit of complexity theory.