Lecture Plan

(01/25) Lecture 1
Course Overview Slides
Readings: A Brief History of the Internet

The Internet: Architectural Principles and Design Contexts

(01/30) Lecture 2
Sharing the Network: Circuits and Packets Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 1.2
(02/01) Lecture 3
The Internet: Why "Packets"? Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 1.3
Advanced readings: End-to-End Arguments in System Design, Tussle in Cyberspace: Defining Tomorrow's Internet
(02/06) Lecture 4
How does the Internet work: An End-to-end view Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 1.5
Advanced readings: The Design Philosophy of the DARPA Internet Protocols
(02/08) Lecture 5
The Internet: Architectural Principles and Goals Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 1.4
Announcement: Problem Set 1 Released
Advanced readings: Beej's Guide to Network Programming

Link Layer: Addressing, and Broadcasting (Frames)

(02/13) Lecture 6
Link Layer: Ethernet and CSMA/CD Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 2.5 & Section 2.6
(02/15) Lecture 7
"Frames" & Scalability Issues with Broadcast Ethernet Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 3.2.1 & Section 3.2.2
Announcement: Problem Set 1 Solutions Released (on Piazza)
(02/20) February Break -- No Class
(02/22) Lecture 8
Socket Programming Slides, Code
Readings: P&D, Section 3.3.1
Announcement: Problem Set 2 Released

Network Layer: Addressing, Routing, and Forwarding (Packets)

(02/27) Lecture 9
Switched Ethernet & Spanning Tree Protocol Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 3.3.1
(03/01) Lecture 10
Fundamentals of Routing, Intra-domain Routing Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 3.3
Announcement: Problem Set 2 Solutions Released (on Piazza)
(03/06) Lecture 11
Link State and Distance Vector Routing Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 3.3
(03/08) Lecture 12
Intra-domain Routing: The harder stuff Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 3.3
Announcement: Problem Set 3 Released
(03/13) Lecture 13
IP: The Narrow Waist (Addressing, Switching, Forwarding) Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 3.2, Section 3.4
(03/15) Lecture 14
Inter-domain routing Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 4.1
Announcement: Problem Set 3 Solutions Released, Practice Prelim Released (Solutions)
Advanced readings: 10 Lessons from 10 Years
(03/20) Lecture 15
Inter-domain routing: The harder stuff Slides
Readings: BGP routing policies in ISP networks
Advanced readings: Stable Paths Problem
(03/22) Lecture 16
Mid-term Review Slides
(03/27) Lecture 17
Switching and Forwarding Slides
Readings: P&D Section 3.4
(03/29) Prelim -- No Class
Announcement: Prelim on at 7:30PM @ Gates G01
(04/03) Spring Break -- No Class
(04/05) Spring Break -- No Class

Potpourri: DNS, MPLS, the Web, the HTTP, Content Distribution!

(04/10) Lecture 18
DNS, the Web, the HTTP, Content Distribution Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 4.3, Section 8
Advanced readings: Survey of BGP Security
Announcement: Problem Set 4 Released
(04/12) Lecture 19
More on the Web and the HTTP, MPLS Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 9, Virtual LANs, P&D Section 2.7

End-to-end: How the Internet works!

(04/17) Lecture 20
Wrap up Network Layer Slides
Announcement: Problem Set 4 Solutions Released

Transport Layer: Reliable and Unreliable Connections.

(04/19) Lecture 21
Reliable Transport Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 5.1, Section 5.2.1 & Section 5.2.3
Advanced readings: A protocol for packet network intercommunication
Announcement: Problem Set 5 Released
(04/24) Lecture 22
Reliable Transport and TCP Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 5.2
Advanced readings: Analysis of the Increase and Decrease Algorithms
(04/26) Lecture 23
More Congestion Control Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 6.3
Announcement: Problem Set 5 Solutions Released
Advanced readings: Congestion Avoidance and Control
(05/01) Lecture 24
TCP: Recap and Even More Congestion Control Slides
Readings: P&D, Section 6.4
Announcement: Problem Set 6 Released
Advanced readings: Modeling TCP Throughput

Looking Forward: Future Internet Architectures and Grand Challenges in Computer Networking!

(05/03) Lecture 25
Datacenter Networks and Software-defined Networks Slides
Readings: Above the Clouds: A Berkeley View of Cloud Computing, Jupiter Rising, How Google Does it
Advanced readings: OpenFlow
(05/08) Lecture 26
Future of Computer Networks Slides
Readings: Future Internet architecture: Clean-slate vs. evolutionary research
Announcement: Problem Set 6 Solutions Released, Practice Final Released (along with Solutions)
Project Assignments 1,2 &3 Released
Advanced readings: The Future of Networking and the Past of Protocols, Why the Internet Only Just Works
Final @ 9AM (Location to be announced)