CS4620/5620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621/5621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2011


Sep 30:  PA 2 is out (FAQ).

Sep 18:  Homework 2 is out.

Sep 9:  PA 1 is out.

Sep 6:  Homework 1 is out.

Aug 31:  First practicum class (4621/5621) will be on September 16.

Aug 31:  Register on piazza (see main page for details) if you would like.

Aug 24:  Welcome!


All lecture dates and due dates are tentative and subject to change.

Date L# Topic Reading/Reference Slides/Notes HW/PA Out HW/PA Due
24Aug 1. IntroductionText Ch 1 slides
26Aug 2. Pipeline and TransformsText Ch 2 slides
29Aug 3. TransformsText Ch 2, 5, 6 slides
31Aug 4. TransformsText Ch 2, 5, 6 slides
2Sep 5. PerspectiveText Ch 4 slides
5Sep Labor Day
7Sep 6. Ray TracingText Ch 4 slides HW1 out
9Sep 7. Ray TracingText Ch 4 slides PA1 out
12Sep 8. Ray TracingText Ch 4 slides
14Sep 9. Scene Graphs and 3D TransformsText Ch 6 slides
16Sep 10. 3D TransformsText Ch 6 slides HW2 out HW1 due
19Sep 11. ViewingText Ch 7 slides
21Sep 12. ViewingText Ch 7 slides
23Sep 13. ViewingText Ch 7 slides PA1 due
26Sep 14. PipelineText Ch 8 slides
28Sep 15. RasterizationText Ch 8 slides
30Sep 16. RasterizationText Ch 8 slides PA2 out
3Oct 17. Pipeline OpsText Ch 8 slides HW2 due
5Oct Prelim Review
7Oct History of Graphics movie PA2 due
10Oct Fall break
12Oct 18.MeshesChap 12 slides PPA1 out
14Oct 19.MeshesChap 12 slides
17Oct Prelim 1 slides
19Oct 20.TexturesChap 11 slides
21Oct 21.TexturesChap 11 slides
24Oct 22.TexturesChap 11 slides HW 3 out PPA1(A) due (Oct 25)
26Oct 23.TexturesChap 9 slides
28Oct 24.Textures and SamplingChap 9 slides
31Oct 25.Sampling and Anti-AliasingChap 9 slides PPA2 out PPA1(B) due (Nov 1)
2Nov 26.SplinesChap 15 slides
4Nov 27.Splines slides
7Nov 28.Splines slides HW3 due (8 Nov)
9Nov 29.No class -- illness
11Nov 29.Animation slides
14Nov 30.Animation slides
16Nov 31.Animation slides HW4 out
18Nov 32.Ray Tracing 2 slides PPA3 out PPA2 due (Nov 18)
21Nov 33.Ray Tracing 2 slides PA3 out (Nov 22) HW4 due (Nov 22)
23Nov Thanksgiving
25Nov Thanksgiving
28Nov 34.Advanced Shading slides
30Nov Prelim slides
2Dec 35.Wrap-up PPA3 due
7Dec PA3 due