CS4620/5620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621/5621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2011


Dec 12:  Results from the Rendering Contest.

Dec 5:  Office hours for this week are:

Nov 27:  There will be a review session for Prelim 2 tomorrow in Olin 165 at 7PM

Nov 22:  PA3 is out. (FAQ)

Nov 19:  PPA3 is out.

Nov 15:  HW 4 is out.

Nov 4:  The due date of PPA2 has been changed to Nov. 18th.

Oct 25:  HW 3 is out. (FAQ)

Oct 18:  We will offer extra office hours as follows:

Oct 12:  PPA 1 is out.

Sep 30:  PA 2 is out (FAQ).

Sep 18:  Homework 2 is out.

Sep 9:  PA 1 is out.

Sep 6:  Homework 1 is out.

Aug 31:  First practicum class (4621/5621) will be on September 16.

Aug 31:  Register on piazza (see main page for details) if you would like.

Aug 24:  Welcome!


The exams are posted here for studying reference, with rather terse solutions.

Review sessions

Here you can find the problem sets that we have used during the review sessions.

Old exams

Here are links to exams from previous versions of this class. They can be useful for studying, because they give an indication of the style and scope of problems that may be expected. They are not a useful reference for topics to expect, because the content of the course has changed from year to year.