CS4620/5620 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS4621/5621 Computer Graphics Practicum
Fall 2011


Dec 12:  Results from the Rendering Contest.

Dec 5:  Office hours for this week are:

Nov 27:  There will be a review session for Prelim 2 tomorrow in Olin 165 at 7PM

Nov 22:  PA3 is out. (FAQ)

Nov 19:  PPA3 is out.

Nov 15:  HW 4 is out.

Nov 4:  The due date of PPA2 has been changed to Nov. 18th.

Oct 25:  HW 3 is out. (FAQ)

Oct 18:  We will offer extra office hours as follows:

Oct 12:  PPA 1 is out.

Sep 30:  PA 2 is out (FAQ).

Sep 18:  Homework 2 is out.

Sep 9:  PA 1 is out.

Sep 6:  Homework 1 is out.

Aug 31:  First practicum class (4621/5621) will be on September 16.

Aug 31:  Register on piazza (see main page for details) if you would like.

Aug 24:  Welcome!



All schedule is subject to change.

Date Topic Slides/Materials Due
  • Introduction to OpenGL
  • JOGL
  • Modeling transforms
slides / code
  • View transforms
  • Projection transforms
  • Depth test
  • Programming animation
slides / code
  • OpenGL Shading and Lighting
  • Introduction to GLSL
slides / code
  • GLSL Data Types
  • GLSL Uniform Variables
  • GLSL Varying Variables
slides / code
  • OpenGL Textures
  • GLSL Textures
slides / code


PPA3: Animation (due December 2nd)

description | code | FAQ page

PPA2: Modeling and Texturing (due November 18th)

description | code | FAQ page

PPA1: Modeling and Shading (Part(A) due October 25th, Part(B) due November 1st)

description | code | FAQ page (including user guides and expected results)