Pramook Khungurn

Ph.D. Student
Graphics and Vision Group
Department of Computer Science
Cornell University

Office: Gates 345
Office Hour: Friday 11:30am-12:30pm at Gates G13
Email: pramook at cs dot cornell dot edu

I'm an nth year Ph.D. student. My current research is on rendering algorithms and appearance acquisition/modeling. I'm advised by Kavita Bala and Steve Marschner.

Before coming to Cornell, I lectured at Department of Computer Science, Faculty of Science, Kasetsart University. I finished my undergrad at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and also got a Master degree there.

My CV is available here: [PDF]

Bruce Walter, Pramook Khungurn, Kavita Bala
Bidirectional Lightcuts
Links: [PDF] [Project]
Pramook Khungurn, Thatchaphol Saranurak, Chakrit Watcharopas
Pixelcuts: Scalable Approximate Illumination from Many Point Lights
Chiang Mai Journal of Science, Vol.38 (Special Issue 2011)
Links: [PDF]
  Pramook Khungurn
Shirayanagi-Sweedler Algebraic Algorithm Stabilization and Polynomial GCD Algorithms.
M.Eng. Thesis, 2007.
Links: [PDF]
Pramook Khungurn, Hiroshi Sekigawa, Kiyoshi Shirayanagi
Minimum Converging Precision of the QR-factorization Algorithm for Real Polynomial GCD.
ISSAC 2007
Links: [PS] [PDF]

My Erdos number is at most 5. (Khungurn - Sekigawa - Koyama - Itoh - Alon - Erdos)

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