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CS 517
Advanced Rendering
Cornell University Computer Science Department, Fall '02

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This course teaches the fundamental principles of photo-realistic image synthesis and describes a wide variety of advanced rendering techniques for realistic image generation. The course syllabus includes classic global illumination algorithms (Whitted ray tracing, and finite-element radiosity), Monte Carlo rendering (both ray tracing and radiosity), and associated techniques for efficient computation of global illumination including clustering, hierarchical rendering and others. We also discuss more recent image-based rendering techniques including plenoptic rendering, 4D light fields, inverse rendering, and image-based modeling. Additionally, perception issues related to image display and image generation will be briefly covered.

CS 417/418 is a pre-requisite. If you have not taken CS 417/418 but have taken its equivalent, you must get the permission of the instructor to register for CS 517.



  • COMS 517 Advanced Rendering Seminar (368-691) 3 Cr.
    • Location: 110 Hollister
    • Times: Tu,Th 2:55-4:10
    • Schedule
  • Instructor: Kavita Bala
    • Office: 5142 Upson
    • Office Hours: We 2-3
  • Teaching Assistant: Sebastian Fernandez
    • Office: 501 Rhodes
    • Office Hours: Mo 3-5
  • Administrative Assistant: Cindy Robinson