CS 665
Advanced Interactive Rendering
Cornell University Computer Science Department, Fall '04


This course teaches fundamental principles and techniques for interactive rendering. We describe a wide variety of advanced rendering techniques including classic global illumination algorithms, Monte Carlo rendering, the modern graphics hardware and associated rendering techniques, shadow algorithms, acceleration structures, techniques for handling scene complexity, and perception for rendering. We also discuss more recent image-based rendering techniques including 4D light fields, and image-based modeling. 

A prior graphics course is a pre-requisite. If you have not taken an introductory graphics course, you must get the permission of the instructor to register for CS 665.



  • COMS 665 Advanced Rendering  4 Cr.
    • Location: 484 Rhodes
    • Times: Tu,Th 10:10-11:25
    • Schedule
  • Instructor: Kavita Bala
    • Office: 5142 Upson
    • Office Hours: Wednesday 2:00-3:00
  • Administrative Assistant: Cindy Robinson
    • Office: 4146 Upson

Text book

Good reference books are:

  • Advanced Global Illumination by Phil Dutre, Philippe Bekaert and Kavita Bala. ISBN: 1-56881-177-2