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Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:15pm in G01 Gates Hall - Mentor's Lecture Hall (Unless otherwise indicated)

Thursday 01.23.14

CORFU and TANGO: Transactional Data Services Over a Shared Log

Speaker: Dahlia Malkhi, Microsoft

Host: Ken Birman

Tuesday 01.28.14

Experiences with property based testing

Speaker: John Hughes, Chalmers University

Thursday 01.30.14

No Colloquium

Tuesday 02.04.14

Machine Learning: a Discipline of Resource Tradeoffs

Speaker: John Duchi, Berkeley

Thursday 02.06.14

The Three R's of Computer Vision: Recognition, Reconstruction and Reorganization

Salton Speaker: Jitendra Malik, Berkeley

Host: Noah Snaveley

Tuesday 02.11.14

Guaranteed Learning of Latent Variable Models: Overlapping Community Models and Overcomplete Representations

Speaker: Anima Anandkumar, UCI

Host: Bobby Kleinberg

Thursday 02.13.14

Building Embedded Sensor Systems to Bring Ubicomp to Life

Speaker: Gabe Cohn, Washington

Host: Tanzeem Choudhury

Tuesday 02.18.14

No Colloquium - Winter Break

Thursday 02.20.14

Representation, modeling and computation: Opportunities and challenges of modern datasets

Speaker: Alekh Agarwal, Berkely

Tuesday 02.25.14

Oblivious Computation and Storage: Building a More Secure Cloud

Speaker: Emil Stefanov, Berkeley

Host: Andrew Myers

Thursday 02.27.14

Security & Privacy for Existing and Emerging Technologies

Speaker: Franzi Roesner, Washington

Tuesday 03.04.14

Automatic Intrusion Recovery with System-Wide History

Speaker: Taesoo Kim, MIT

Thursday 03.06.14 

Going Beyond Scalability to Build Resource-Efficient Data Center Networked Systems

Speaker: George Porter, UCSD

Tuesday 03.11.14

No Colloquium - PhD Visit Day

Thursday 03.13.14

Feature Allocations, Probability Functions, and Paintboxes

Speaker: Tamara Broderick, Berkeley

Tuesday 03.18.14

Designing Engaging Learning Experiences

Speaker: Erik Andersen, University of Washington

Thursday 03.20.14

Recursive Deep Learning for Modeling Compositional Meaning in Language

Speaker: Richard Socher, Stanford

Tuesday 03.25.14

Building Systems that Compute on Encrypted Data

Speaker: Raluca Ada Popa, MIT

Thursday 03.27.14

The Aha! Moment: From Data to Insight 

Speaker: Dafna Shahaf, Stanford

Tuesday 04.01.14

No Colloquium - Spring Break

Thursday 04.03.14

No Colloquium - Spring Break

Tuesday 04.08.14

Practical PIR for Electronic Commerce

Speaker: Ryan Henry, Waterloo

Thursday 04.10.14

Packet Transport Mechanisms for Data Center Networks

Speaker: Mohammad Alizadeh, Stanford/Cisco

Tuesday 04.15.14

Closing the loop on data analysis

Speaker: Eugene Wu, MIT

Tuesday 04.22.14 at 12:15PM

Managing Arrays for Science Applications at Scale

Speaker: Jennie Duggan, MIT

Host: Al Demers

Thursday 04.24.14 at 12:15PM

Rethinking the application-database interface

Speaker: Alvin Cheung, MIT

Tuesday 04.29.14 at 12:15PM

Online Learning : From Theory to Algorithms and Applications

Speaker: Karthik Sridharan, University of Pennsylvania

Host: Bobby Kleinberg

Thursday 05.01.04 at 11:45AM

Reasoning about Approximate Computing

Speaker: Michael Carbin, MIT

Host: Ross Tate

Tuesday 05.06.14

No Colloquium

Thursday 05.08.14 

No Colloquium


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