Computer Science Colloquium Series, Fall 2005

Regular time and location: Thursdays at 4:15PM in B17 Upson unless otherwise indicated.

Date Speaker Title Host
9/8/05 Lillian Lee
Cornell University
Sense and Sensibility: Automatically Analyzing Subject and Sentiment in Human-Authored Texts  
9/15/05 Daphne Koller
Stanford University
Probabilistic Models for Complex Domains: Cells, Bodies, and Webpages Halpern
G01 Biotech
Daphne Koller
Stanford University
Distinguished Career Lecture Series
From Distributed Systems to Systems Biology (and other things)
9/22/05 Shafi Goldwasser
Salton Lecture Series
On the Impossibility of Obfuscation with Auxiliary Input
9/29/05 Thomas Reps
University of Wisconsin-Madison
WYSINWYX: What You See is Not What You Execute Kozen
10/6/05 Larry Peterson
PlanetLab: Evolution vs. Intelligent Design in Planetary-Scale Infrastructure Sirer
No Colloquium - Yom Kippur
10/20/05 Joan Feigenbaum
Yale University
Incentive-Compatible Interdomain Routing Gehrke
10/27/05 Susan Dumais
Salton Lecture Series
Personal Information Management: Helping Finders Become Keepers
11/3/05 Dan Boneh
Stanford University
New Tools in Cryptography Schneider
11/10/05 Uri Feige
Weizmann Institute and Microsoft
Finding Small Balanced Separators in Graphs Tardos
G10 Biotech
Radhika Nagpal
Harvard University
Engineering and Understanding Robust Collective Behavior
Co-sponsored by Cognitive Studies
11/17/05 Serafim Batzoglou
Stanford University
Aligning Protein Sequences and Interaction Networks Elber
Thanksgiving Recess
12/1/05 Inderjit Dhillon
University of Texas at Austin
Co-clustering, Matrix Approximations and Bregman Divergences Van Loan
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