Upcoming Events

02.13.18 4:15pm Speaker: Matthew O'Toole, Stanford
02.27.18 4:15pm Speaker: Nika Haghtalab, CMU
03.01.18 4:15pm Speaker: Jacob Steinhardt, Stanford


BigRed//Hacks Hosts its Fifth Hackathon!

Between September 15 - 17, BigRed//Hacks hosted its fifth hackathon, BigRed//Hacks Fall 2017! This year, we teamed up with TeachForAmerica to run a hackathon focused on education and giving back to students! Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors*, we were able to provide almost 400 attendees with enough food, swag, technical help, and energy drinks to drive them through 36-hours of idea building. In addition, we had amazing talks given by Deborah Chang and Tom O'Connell, both previous alumni of the TeachForAmerica program who have had experience shaping lives across the US through education. The event was also packed with fun mini-events ranging from old favorites, like cup stacking, and new ideas, like Slideshow Karaoke. In the end, we received some amazing submissions, such as a smart classroom to track student engagement and combat confusion! We'd like to thank all of our sponsors and attendees for another spectacular event! Please stay tuned for our next event! For more information, please visit our website at bigredhacks.com!

* All sponsors listed on BigRed//Hacks website