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Y are Young Faculty, which every dept needs.
Upon their work the depts’ fame proceeds.
When did the H’s win Turing Awards?
When they were old, and bored, and on Boards.
When was the work that gave them reward?
Ten years from cutting their PhD ‘bilical cord.

Remember, "PhD" is pronounced "fould".

Well, Hartmanis and Hopcroft weren’t really old and bored when they got their Turing Awards. The point is that elder statesman provide good solid research, experience, perspective, and leadership, but it’s the young faculty that incite real excitement. The H’s did their Turing Award work within ten years of their PhDs. They were young faculty. Our young faculty have always played a vital role because we do our best to hire only excellence. Here’s info on some who are now within ten years of their PhD.

Jon Kleinberg just received a MacArthur Genius Award for his work on networks.

Steve Marschner has a technical Oscar for his skin-rendering model, used for Gollum and other movie characters.

Paul Francis is responsible for NAT (Network Address Translation), which postponed the IP address problem and allows you to have a LAN in your home.

Gün Sirer’s peer-to-peer name service has been deployed to serve the Internet domain name space for all of China.

Lillian Lee and Claire Cardie are playing influential roles in sentiment analysis; their work (with colleagues) is in large part responsible for the recent huge surge of interest in the area.