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V: Vicinity in which we play
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V’s the Vicinity in which we play,
The neighborhood in which we “work” every day.
We live in the house of FCIS
But visit the houses that do surround us.
Eng’neering, and CALS, and of course A & S,
Hotel and, yes, Management’s not far from us.
Who one will bump into one cannot tell,
A grand neighborhood is this place called Cornell.

This big, varied, flexible, and rich-in-possibilities Cornell is part private and part public (part of the SUNY system).

CS is a unit of the Faculty of Computing and Information Science, a college-level unit without students —see Q to find out more. CS gives 5 degrees in 3 colleges, so computer or information science students can choose an environment to fit their temperament.

Join CS in Engineering, and experience design on some of the best competitive design teams around the country, most of which need computing expertise. Formula SAE came in first in the national competition 9 out of 18 times. The Solar Decathalon team of about 70 took their solar house to Washington in October 2005 and came in second. Robocup, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, and others continue do well. Moreover, Engineers for a Sustainable World, which was started by a CS alumnus right here at Cornell, provides a way to learn engineering in a service-oriented fashion.

Choose Arts & Sciences if you have an affinity for math, social sciences, the humanities, and so on. CS has many research and education ties with A&S, in natural language processing, cognitive studies, social science, computational biology, economics, astronomy, math, and more.

CS has research or education ties to all other units: the College of Arts & Life Sciences, of Architecture, Art, & Planning, of Human Ecology, of Veterinary Medicine; the School of Hotel Administration, of Industrial & Labor Relations, of Law; and even the Weil Medical College in NYC. The possibilities for study and research in computing are almost endless.